“Sometimes people ask me why I make videos for a living. And I’ve come to a point where I realize that my biggest motivator is showing people how important their relationships with their closest ones are. Healthy relationships can easily be taken for granted but in reality, it’s what makes life worth living for.

My father died when I was only 19. He was the person who taught me the basics of video making. He was a professional musician and I remember asking him if I should become a musician as well. His reply was: “If you’re able to, then don’t”. It was later when I realized what he meant by it. A true musician is not able to give up music. And today I know that I couldn’t give up filming. If it weren’t my vocation, it’d definitely be a hobby.

We, people mostly don’t express our feelings the way we should. In a wedding, however, all the barriers come down. It’s an unspeakable moment when a mother sheds a tear seeing her little princess walk down the aisle, hearing a father tell how proud he is of his son. Or the moments when the couple is lost into the arms of each other on the dance floor at the late hours of the night.

The whole concept of the wedding is just exceptional- two people who have somehow found one another and have decided to gather together all their friends and family to celebrate that. It is a feast for love!

I cannot guarantee you, the groom will burst into tears when he first sees her bride, but if he does, I’ll give my best to capture the moment in the purest way possible.

Every wedding has a story and to narrate the story is the DNA of my wedding videos.”


Toomas is an award winning wedding and event cinematographer from Estonia. With his team they routinely travel the globe documenting weddings. Toomas is truly passionate about his craft and always looks forward to handcrafting beautiful wedding films for his clients. The style of his work is non-traditional and the day of filming is extremely unobtrusive (as we are looking for natural, candid/ raw emotions).

Some facts about him:
  • Grew up in a nine-member family
  • His first video was made at the age of 10
  • Got married in 2009
  • Instead of going to a Honeymoon vacation, they decided to buy their first video camera
  • In 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017, he was chosen as the best wedding videographer by the biggest wedding related website (pulmad.ee) in Estonia.
  • In May 2015, he became a father