Tomvar for Business

Tomvar helps your enterprise stand out!

Business profile video enables to reach your customer in a more personal way than could any text on your homepage. A video introduction could help any flowershop or make-up-artist because it is an excellent form for a call to action. Larger companies can use short talk videos also or for the introduction of job offers

Nowadays a short video is the catchiest way to spread information. Business profile video is based on a text that our editor writes according to your input. Then you are invited to our studio where you can read the text. After that we will shoot b-roll (supplemental footage of what the text is talking about). Then begins editing and a few days later you will have a video you can be proud of.

The price of the video depends on the length of your video. We recommend shorter videos because prepared text and editing enables to say a lot with just a minute. You should also keep in mind that nowadays people’s attention span is rather short. Our standard length for a video is 2 minutes.


Two minute video without b-roll (only speaker in front of the camera) 600€*

Business profile video (speaker + B-roll) 900€**

* VAT and transportation costs will be added to the price

VAT - Estonian VAT is 20%, and it will be added to the price if the client is a European citizen. If the client is not European citizen or client is a company, VAT will not be added to the price.

** B-roll shots are taken at places that you have chosen. If you also prefer to shoot your text reading there VAT and 300€ will be added in order to set up our studio there.