Wedding video of K & M, Vidriku, Estonia


  • Videographer: Toomas Vardja
  • Photographer: Merle Värv
  • The reception site: Vidrike Puhkemaja
  • Make-up: Grete Kald
  • Hair: Võlumaa Ilusalong
  • The dress: Helena Moesalong
  • The MC: Valdi Reinas
  • The band: Alen Veziko Bänd
  • The florist: Tuuli Luiga

K & M:

"Toomas is a real professional and in addition to that, he is a very friendly and a good communicator which made us feel like a part of his teamwork. The great thing about him is that we didn’t even notice him while he noticed every little detail. The music behind the video was picked by Toomas, so all the important moments were in harmony with the sound. Even now, while watching the video, all those feelings and moments of our special day come back; this kind of a wedding video is a wonderful keepsake. We are very pleased with his work! Biggest thanks to you, Toomas!”