Wedding video of Egle & Martin, Puurmanni castle, Estonia


  • The videographer:  Toomas Vardja
  • The reception site:  Puurmanni loss
  • The ceremony site:  Tartu botaanikaaed
  • The photographer: Krista Kõiv
  • The officiant:  Olavi Ilumets
  • The band: Nukker Kukeke

Egle & Martin:

"What impressed us was how he managed to film the whole wedding in a way that we hardly ever noticed him. At the same time he took notice of even the smallest details, may it be a fine lace edge on the dress or a romantic summer breeze in the ballroom curtains. He produced a fairytale wedding video that receives superlative comments only. It has brought tears to quite a few of us. In addition to the wedding photos, this video is a wonderful keepsake that moves us to this day. It’s unbelievable that on a lovely summer day we could be the heroes of such a romantic story.”