Wedding video of Marju & Elari, Muhu, Estonia


  • The videographer Toomas Vardja
  • The reception site: Muhu
  • The photographer:  Annika Metsla

Marju & Elari:

"To be honest with you we’d have to start from the beginning. While planning the wedding we weren’t sure whether we could fit a wedding video into our budget. But one day we accidentally came upon one of Toomas’ wedding videos and right then and there we had a feeling we’d have to fit him in. And the feeling didn’t let us down. We contacted him, reached an agreement and soon came our wedding day. Toomas left a very good impression on us and on all the team behind our wedding. He managed to capture all the essentials- starting from the preparations and details to the speeches and other unforgettable moments- he at the same was such a professional and did almost go unnoticed. I think it’s been countless times that we’ve watched our video with the family and I couldn’t even imagine our wedding day without the moving pictures anymore. The value that it has cannot be put into words, and it only grows with time. We are sincerely thankful for that!"